Acoustic guitar heel junction

An ongoing experiment about guitar making – would it be possible to eventually build an extended range guitar without the use of glue/nails/screws?

I’ve worked with unusual materials – a guitar mostly made of softwood is extremely rare. My aim is to experiment with the machine itself, to see how it reacts in a variety of scenarios. The top only receives down pressure from the strings, rather than being torqued. The back is very lightly braced to serve as a second top…

…and I could make an all-new body with completely different characteristics, just for comparison.

Characteristics :

  • Scale length : 25 inches (635 mm) (7 strings)
  • Top, back, sides and bracing : Western Red Cedar
  • Binding (to be added) : Wenge
  • Head plate : Wenge
  • Neck : Cedar/Wenge 5-ply
  • Inner tailpiece : Wenge
  • Bridge + Fretboard : Wenge

    Handmade in Montreal, QC by Julien Bergeron, luthier